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Is it possible to sleep train a newborn or should I wait until they’re a certain age?

In my experience with my own children, and a major part of why I chose this sleep consulting path, I feel strongly that your newborn can begin working on longer clips of sleep starting at the two week mark. Once you have your two week doctor visit and get the OK on their weight, let’s see what your tiny, yet mighty, little one can do. Following a consistent daytime schedule from day one will enable your baby to work toward extended sleep at night. It may seem counter intuitive, but THE MORE THEY SLEEP DURING THE DAY, THE MORE THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT. Tired babies don't necessarily sleep longer.

Babies NEED to eat every 2.5-3 hours. But I always tell my clients with newborns: if you put ice cream in front of me every hour, I’d eat it too. If there are no weight issues with your newborn, stretching them to three hours between feeds during the day will set you on the right track to longer stretches of sleep at night. Snuggling is so important (and the best feeling in the whole world!) but consider at least one nap a day where the child is sleeping independently in their bassinet/crib. A proper feeding and nap schedule will give your newborn the chance to work toward stretching their night hours early on.

How can I start working with you?

Reach out! Email, call, text, DM… whatever your preferred form of communication, I'm always available. Set up a free Discovery Call and we can learn more about one another and your little one. Once all information is gathered, you will receive your custom sleep or behavior plan and your two weeks of support will begin.

How should I prepare for my initial consultation?

During our initial call, you will learn more about me and see if I’m the right fit for you and your family. Be prepared to tell me about the sleep, or behavior, needs of your child and the goals that you have for them. What does more sleep look like for you? I can’t wait to hear about it.

Do you offer remote consultations?

The beauty of this job is that I can connect with families fully remotely. We can connect via Zoom or phone, whatever is most comfortable for you. Being able to help others anywhere is something that brings me great joy!

How do I handle this emotional rollercoaster?

Welcome to parenthood. This rollercoaster is now forever. Know that sleep training can be emotionally challenging, but it is usually short lived. Remember that once your child is sleeping, you are too, and you will get your life back! Children, even as young as newborns, can feel the energy you project. Stay positive and optimistic because I KNOW that is what you want for your child. If it’s a rough night of sleep, even during the sleep training process, wake up in the morning with a positive attitude ready for a new day! That night is over and tonight is a new night to conquer. Parenting is the hardest job in the world but also the absolute best. You will always have support from me, even if I'm not in the room with you. Send those good vibes to your little one and in return, you will feel it for yourself.

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